VCAT Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation 1-5 AUG 2019

VCAT Value Certification and Transformation was a 5-day workshop, held at Alpine Resort, Nathiagali. Ms. Nabila Malik was the key facilitator alongside Ms. Maya Zaman as co-facilitator. The workshop drew attention to social issues such as child sexual abuse, gender-based violence, reproductive health, marital rape, abortion, child marriages, cultural constraints, infant, and maternal mortality. The workshop comprised interactive sessions and activities led by Ms. Nabila Malik. These activities helped in understanding the participants’ attitudes towards the mentioned issues. The workshop was conducted to highlight the importance of understanding social constraints and transform preconceived ideas and attitudes towards stigmatized topics. The concept was to have the participants empathize with marginalized members of society through sensitization and dialogue. The activities and sessions made the participants open to issues with which they were previously uncomfortable. The facilitators and the participants successfully engaged with each other, and the participants showed a positive attitude towards the end of the workshop.