Multi Stakeholder Sensitization Session on YFHS, 30th Nov 2018

Multi Stakeholders Sensitization for Youth Friendly Health Services event was held to highlight the importance of health awareness among youth, especially Transgender youth. The event was held at Islamabad Hotel. The goal was to emphasize the need for an instrumental approach in policymaking based on extensive research. It emphasized youth and transgender-friendly health services, policies, and practices. Renowned Human Rights Activist, Ms. Asma Janghiri was also remembered during the event. The keynote speakers included Mr. Ardi Stoios Braken, Dutch Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Chaudhry Shafique, Representative for NHCR, Ms. Sadia Mehmood Program Analyst, UNAFPA, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah, Medical Doctor, PIMPS, and Dr. Farnaz, among many other important guests. Our respected speakers shared their experiences and expert opinions on the need for inclusive health practices as well as cis and transgender youth-friendly policies. Recommendations for improving health awareness and services for youth were put forward as well.