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Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2017: Salient Features, Gaps & Recommendations

In January 2017, Senator Babar Awan introduced the Transgender Persons Bill as a private member’s bill into the Senate. The bill seeks to ensure the fundamental rights of transgender persons in Pakistan. FDI organized a multi-stakeholders consultation on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 to review this recently presented bill on the protection of transgender persons in Pakistan. This consultation provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to carefully review the bill and share their reservations. Stake holders included parliamentarians, representatives from ministry of human rights, civil society representatives, legal experts, academia, religious scholars, media, and transgender community representatives. Following the review, stakeholders created a set of recommendations to improve the gaps in the current status of this bill before it becomes a law. Khadija Ali, a lawyer and a social activist, conducted the legal and constitutional analysis of the recently presented bill.

We give our sincere thanks to all our distinguish participants for their valuable input and feedback. Our special thanks to Chairman National Commission on Human Rights Justice (R) Ali Nawaz Chowan for assuring his support to improve the human rights situation for transgender persons in Pakistan.

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