Research: National level study on transgender communities in Pakistan 2014-2016

This study contributed to understanding of the transgender community’s current human rights situation in partnership with Naz Male Health Alliance.

Click the PDF below to download the report on the transgender community in Pakistan by FDI and for the AKS Festival Copenhagen 2015. This essay is financially supported by the Aurat Foundation under USAID Gender Equity Program-GEP.

PDF "Transgender Community in Pakistan"

FDI completed research consultancy on transgender communities in partnership with Naz Male Health Alliance (NMHA). This study was supported by USAID through The Asia Foundation (TAF) in collaboration with Aurat Foundation (AF) under its Gender Equity Program (GEP). This was a national level study in which we covered all four provinces and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It was a qualitative study and research tools included focus group discussions, key informant interviews and in depth interviews. This study contributed to the understanding of the transgender community’s current human rights situation.

Core objectives

  • This study was to investigate the vulnerabilities, consequences and challenges associated with the transgender community in Pakistan.

  • The research study was aimed to highlight specific advocacy initiatives towards realization of equal citizenship and dignity for the transgender community.

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