Research: Trans/Youth literacy and access to education-socio-cultural behavior tracking 2013-2014

This study was on transgender community's access to education as youth in various Pakistani cities.

One of Pakistan’s greatest challenges is its low literacy levels and the lack of access to free education. The situation largely affects children of poor economic conditions, particularly transchildren. They are rarely able to complete their primary education because they are at risk of physical and sexual abuse for their nonconforming behavior. As youth, transpeople’s job opportunities are limited to begging, sex work, drug abuse which most of the time leads to their positive HIV/AIDS status.

FDI took the initiative to launch a research study in the five districts of Pakistan based on the population ratio of trans/youth in these areas; which included Shahdadkot, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Haripur.

Our research is mainly based on Focus Group Discussions with these groups along with secondary data collection, literature review and key informant interviews.