National Youth Peace Festival

Chanan Development Association provided FDI the opportunity to introduce itself as an organization at its annual youth peace festival.

We worked closely with Chanan Development Association (CDA), which is a group that seeks to improve the status of youth, particularly young women, enabling them to equally and actively participate in all spheres of life without any biases of gender, religion, class etc for the creation of a healthy, just, democratic, non-violent and peaceful society.

CDA provided us the opportunity to introduce FDI at its annual 4th National Youth Peace Festival 2013 in Lahore. This was the first time trans-youth actively participated at a large national level event in Pakistan. The event provided a platform for them to interact with young people from diverse backgrounds and cultures from all over Pakistan.

This opportunity also proved to be a milestone to boost the confidence level of trans youth and enhanced their motivation to play a role in peace making and peace agents.