Jawad Sharif

Jawad Sharif is an award-winning filmmaker from Pakistan, known for his signature visual storytelling style. He has an intuitive talent for revealing spontaneous human moments. He is among the rare filmmakers who are proficient in weaving compelling visuals and narratives in both fiction and non-fiction films. His work seeks light in the darkest corners of the society and touches themes that invoke empathy and compassion. He worked on a number of socially and culturally sensitive film projects involving the themes of human rights and social injustice besides arts and culture. He has also directed a number of telefilms and TV series, as well as several TV commercials. Because of his experience in documentary making, he understands the modalities of subjects, characters and cultures. His first feature, K2 & The Invisible Footmen, has won notable awards in several international film festivals and has been screened worldwide. He founded his production company Bipolar Films in 2010. He envisions his organization to be a vehicle for his passion for social change. Bipolar Films is comprised of a seasoned team of filmmakers and storytellers.

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