About Us

Forum for Dignity Initiatives is a research and advocacy forum working for sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan.


We are a rights-based organization that plays the role of an enabler—we strive for an equitable society for transgender people, sex workers, and girls and young women.



FDI Pakistan is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, non-partisan, nongovernmental, nonreligious civil society organization promoting the rights of identified marginalized groups.

what fdi is


what fdi does

Our activism promotes empowerment and understanding through community motivated initiatives to improve the human rights situation of these groups.

FDI initiatives include conducting research, advocating for legal rights, raising awareness and building capacity.

We collaborate with multiple stakeholders including the government, civil society networks and like-minded groups. FDI lobbies and campaigns for voting opportunities.

We discourage discrimination through the cis-heteronormative society by facilitating dialogues, debates, experience sharing and information dissemination.




We are committed and passionate people who are sensitized to the struggle of acquiring dignity for sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan.

FDI is young, a characteristic that invokes innovative and contemporary ideas. 

who fdi is


To improve the human rights situation of invisible and marginalized women, youth and gender minority groups. FDI serves as a facilitator to integrate efforts towards an inclusive and sustainable society at all levels with equality, equity and dignity.



Striving for an inclusive and sustainable society.


People centered 
Evidence generation 
Knowledge sharing 
Transparency and accountability 
Cooperation and partnership